Friday, August 15, 2014

Maria Ana Torres Torres

For the longest time the only thing I knew about my grandfather's mother is her name which is... 

Maria Ana Torres y Torres

I knew this because this is the name that appears on my grandfather's death certificate. With some digging I found her marriage record, than her death record. My father has no memory of her & I soon found out it was because she died from anemia when my grandfather was just 3 years old. Chances are my grandfather probably had no memory of her either.

Her death record says she died at age 30 in 1916. I am very curious to know what went on in her short 30 years of life. 

What I do know is that,  Maria Ana was 20 years old when her mother passed. Aside from this, I also know her marriage record says she was married in 1912 at the age of 26 to a widower named Primitivo Rodriguez Cuevas. Primitivo was about 21 years older then Maria Ana. He also already had 5 children from his previous marriage.  Some of those 5 children, were still living with him at the time him & Maria Ana were married. What I find interesting is that Primitivo's oldest daughter & his new bride were only 7 years apart. I wonder if this caused any friction in the home or if this was an advantage.

Maria Ana & Primitivo are married for 4 years. During this time they have 2 children, 2 boys. The oldest is my grand father named Antonio Rodriguez Torres born in 1914. After giving birth to her second baby boy Juan Ramon Rodriguez Torres, Maria Ana dies. She dies either giving birth or shortly after having him because on his birth record she is already stated as deceased.

Aside from this I know her parents names. They are Juan E. Torres Galvez & Ramona Torres Masa both from San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico. With this information I was able to locate her on the only census record she appears on which is the census of 1910. 

Here she is found living in Gurabo, with her father who is widowed. She appears to be the oldest sibling living in the home of 6 children. I assume, being the eldest daughter in a home with no mother she would of played the motherly-role of doing house work & helped raise her younger siblings. 

I couldn't help but notice the similarities in her home in 1910 to the home to moves into next with her husband Primitivo. Both are homes of working widows & both with children who need a mother. I wonder if the similarities is what attracted her to him. A familiar home setting in her same town. 

The 1910 census lists her younger siblings who are:

AndrĂ©s Torres Y Torres  1888-1930
Rafaela Torres Y Torres  1895-1983
Agripina Torres Y Torres 1899-1977
Joaquina Torres Torres  1899-1984
Rafael Torres Y Torres  1899

Although the census only names a total of 6 children in the home in 1910, I was able to locate records for some additional children not living there then. So according to all the births I was able to track down, Maria Ana's parents had a total of 10 children. The additional children I found are: 

Fernando Torres y Torres  1884-1960
Nemesio Torres y Torres  1887
Felipe Torres y Torres  1895-1983
Ramon Torres y Torres  1899

I recently found someone on who has almost the same information for this family as I do. I noticed they even included a black & white group photo that I hope includes Maria Ana. Oh, how I would love to see her. Love to see any of them. I contacted them & am really hoping we can exchange our information & find out how we are linked.