Thursday, December 4, 2014

He is the Gift

Recently I received an email newsletter from our church announcing a new Christmas video. At least, I think it's a new video because I've never seen or heard of it. It's such a simple short clip about the real meaning of Christmas. If you're in the right mood, watching it can be powerful. 
The video shows how the the real first gift of Christmas wasn't wrapped or bought in a store. The real gift was sacred, given to us by a Father to all his children. You and me, every single one of us. He gave us his son. He is the Christ. He is Christmas! He is the Gift. I 'm guilty of forgetting the real reason of Christmas. This time of year I get caught up in all the worldly things Christmas is slammed with that sometimes I overlook the real reason to Christmas. This video was such a perfect & sweet reminder. I love the good feeling it gives me after watching it. I've been fortunate enough to have several experiences in my life time to validate that He does lives. His love for us is very real, just as He is very real. I'm so grateful we live in country where we are allowed to celebrate his birth & life. This real-life first gift is really what it's all about. 
Merry Christmas!