Friday, May 9, 2014


I am new to genealogy, but eager to make a connection to my ancestors. I know that by following the paper trail they left behind, it will give me small glimpses into their lives. I'm excited to learn about my roots and better understand where I came from. I hope to then pass that on to my children & so forth.

I read a simple but great quote recently that said:  

"Little “snippets” of story fill our everyday lives and they define who we are. Stories help us to find our place – they create the personal history of a family, a community, and a culture." 

- Marian Giannatti
This blog is my attempt to document my journey as I try to untangle my family roots in Puerto Rico. My goal in documenting my discoveries is to help assist others in their efforts to locate their Puerto Rican ancestors. 

From my research I've learned there are not very many resources available for Puerto Rico, unless you know how to look for them. On here I'll be sharing what steps I took to get where I am, in hopes to help others with similar research. I also hope by publicly writing what I know about my descendants that a relative Googling their names will come upon this blog & contact me with more information.


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