Saturday, August 22, 2015

Census records for Puerto Rico from the 1800's

Today someone shared this blog post with me that I found super interesting. The link to the blog is here

The substance of the post is about long lost census records for Puerto Rico dating as far back as 1830's. It surprised me because when I started my family search a few years back, I read & was told that the earliest Puerto Rican census records available begin at 1910. I did hear there was one census recorded earlier but that it was destroyed in a fire. Turns out the story about the fire is true, the year of 1900's was destroyed. However, there were several more census records taken, just not available online yet. Family Search has them, but hasn't yet digitized & uploaded them onto their site yet. Not sure why I am just learning about this now, which is why I wanted to share in case any of you are also in the dark about these earlier Puerto Rican census records.

Isn't that amazing? Think of how many more family members we will be able to connect once those are made open to the public. So many more questions will be answered. The blog post also mentions that some time this fall (not certain but hopefully) these records will be uploaded. The next step is having volunteers like you & I actively on there website to help index them to make it easier to find people by names, city, age & so forth. What a huge blessing this will be. I just hope it gets going before the end of 2016.

Below is a photo of my Pabellon line spelled as "Pavellon" for the census recorded in 1897 for the city of Juncos, Puerto Rico.

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